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[Adapted from website:] Serat News

[Date:] 28 Farvardin 1393 [17 April 2014]


Introduction to the Ridvan [Paradise] Festival of Baha’is

The perverse Baha’i sect celebrates from the beginning of Ordibehesht (21 April) to the 12th (2 May) for a period of 12 days, calling it the Flower Festival or the Festival of Ridvan, which is very revered by them, and they thoroughly celebrate it.

Serat News – But in examining the origin of this festival, we come across interesting facts. In the period when Mirza Husayn-Ali Nuri made false and baseless claims, time and again, he repeated false beliefs and the claim dictated by his masters that he was a Prophet of God, bringing a new religion, even claiming to be God, and so on. He was deported from Iran to Iraq.

Two governments―Iran and the Ottoman [government] ordered the deportation of Baha’u’llah from Baghdad to Istanbul. Baha’u’llah and his followers gathered for 12 days outside Baghdad in a garden called Najibiyyih (Ridvan) before moving to Istanbul. On the first day of these twelve days, Baha’u’llah publicly declared his opposition to the religion of Islam and the general disregard for all divine religions.

At first glance, this celebration may be considered as a festival for Baha’is only. But in this sect, [they use] a suitable cover with titles such as the Flower Festival or the Festival of Paradise and similar things, in order to resemble monotheistic religions and [others] similar to them. On the very first day of the Flower Festival, Baha’u’llah, in a state of delusion and self-confidence, declared his position as a prophet from Iran to his followers. On that day, he introduced his sect as an invitation consisting of three general principles.

For Baha’u’llah, freedom of conscience, belief, and religion is the first condition for moving toward rationality and the progress and development of Iran. It is interesting that Mirza Husayn-Ali’s statement about freedom of conscience and belief was nothing more than a lie; because, for example, if a Baha’i wants to convert to a true and divine religion, he will be ex-communicated, and those who pursue this truth will be given the worst titles and offensive insults.

The Festival of Ridvan is one of the greatest superstitious celebrations of the perverse Baha’i sect, and any work on that day is prohibited. On the other hand, the Baha’i teachings state that religion must be in accordance with science and reason. We will mention only one clear point about this Festival, which is how, at a certain time, no business can be allowed, and no activity and work can be performed, which is another sign of the invalidity of this false and spying organization.