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[Newspaper:] Sepid va Siyah

[Date:] 23 Farvardin 1358 [12 April 1979]

[Issue No.:] 1101


Ahmad Kasravi

The Political Struggles of Fadaian-e Islam (Devotees of Islam) During the Last 35 Years

First Victim: Seyyed Ahmad Kasravi

Did Kasravi Claim to Be a Prophet?

After Shahrivar of 1320 [August 1941] and the freedom of the activities of the political parties, and many groups with different ideologies came into being and began advertising their ideologies and objectives...

…In order to know why the Fadaian-e Islam (Devotees of Islam) condemned [Ahmad] Kasravi to death and took the action to kill him, it is necessary first to know Kasravi and become familiar with his thoughts and ideologies. We should know the person who opposed the philosophers, poets, supporters of Europe, the Baha’is and Sufis and the clergymen, and was against Sa’di, Hafez and Rumi [also known as Mawlawi] and considered Khayyam misleading and perverted, and [who referred to] Anatole France as Anatole Nadan [ignorant], and once a year, on the first day of Dey, used to celebrate a book-burning feast and used to burn the works of the poets, philosophers and clergy. What was his reasoning for these actions, and, although he was a well-informed man, for what reason would he take these actions? Then the issue of his condemnation [to death] by the Fadaian-e Islam (Devotees of Islam) would become automatically clear.

For this purpose, we will explain Kasravi’s beliefs and thoughts from the perspective of the aforementioned background.