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Islamic Republic of Iran


Court Order


“Do not follow (your) low desires, lest you deviate”

Branch 3 of the Public (Civil) Court in Semnan


Court Order No.: 9109972310300547

File No.: 9009982310300804

Branch Archival Ref. 900818               

Date of Issuance: 31 Tir 1391 [21 July 2012]                

Enclosure: -----                                                                                  


Case Ref. 9009982310300804

Branch 3 of the Public (Civil) Court in Semnan 

Court Order No. 9109972310300547

Appellant:  Mioun Lobar Agricultural and Husbandry Ltd., Owner: Ziaoddin [Ziaollah] Motearefi, represented by Counsel Mr. Shokrollah Mahmoudi, address Semnan.

Respondent: 1. Department of Agriculture Jihad in Semnan; 2. Department of Natural Resources in Semnan; 3. Local Department of Waterworks in Semnan.

Regarding:  Endorsement of Completion of Sales


[The appellant has brought a case before the court against the above-mentioned three departments in order to get confirmation from the court that the sale of the agricultural land was completed and that he is the rightful owner of the farmland in question. The court rejected the appellant’s evidence and arguments, ruling against him and in favour of the respondents.]


This court decision can be appealed within 20 days from the date of its issuance at the Court of Appeal in Semnan province.


Ali-Reza Towfigh

Head of Branch 3 of the Public (Civil) Court in Semnan