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[Personal information has been redacted.]


His Excellency, His Imperial Majesty, may our souls be a sacrifice for him,

These servants, the inhabitants of the Village of Seisan, in Eastern Azerbaijan [Province], with utmost respect, would submit to His Excellency and plead with His Royal Highness to have mercy upon these helpless ones and issue his royal order for the removal of oppression from these oppressed ones.

For the last three years, Asghar Mohseni, the grocer, has put pressure on these helpless souls without any legal authorization. About a year ago, he purchased one and a half dong [¼ of the land] of the Village of Seisan, which is an endowment property; a transaction involving such land is beyond the limits of the national laws, and through his religious ill-intentions he caused these indigent ones countless calamities.

As per his endeavours, five inhabitants of the village have recently been banished. Damages caused to these oppressed ones are to such an extent that submitting them to the imperial threshold would only be tiresome to His Royal Majesty, and for that reason, [we refrain from] mentioning them. Yet with utmost modesty and meekness we submit that if such a trend were to continue, our lives in this village would be impossible.

In conclusion, we are assured of the good will of His Royal Majesty and expect His Majesty’s order for lifting these injustices from these poor servants to be issued.

Yadollah Rezvani [His Stamp]; Ja’far-Ali Arjomandi [His Stamp]; Ali-Naghi [His Stamp]; Nematollah [His Stamp]; Farrokh [His Stamp]; Ali [His Stamp]; Mehdi [His Stamp]; Ghodrat [His Stamp]; Karim [His Stamp]; Lotfollah [His Stamp]; Haydar-Qoli [His Stamp]; Fazlollah [His Stamp]; Zargham [His Stamp]; Ali-Naghi [His Stamp]; Asadollah [His Stamp]; Taghi [His Stamp]; Esmail [His Stamp]; Nariman [His Stamp]; Ali-Akbar [His Stamp]; Habibollah [His Stamp]; Iman [His Stamp]; Salam-Ali [His Stamp]; Hosein [His Stamp]; Mohammad-Hosien [His Stamp]; Hosien-Agha [His Stamp]; Ebrahim [His Stamp]; Mirza-Ali [His Stamp]; Qorban [His Stamp]; Mohammad [His Stamp]; Ahmad [His Stamp]; Nematollah [His Stamp]



Registry at the Office of the Prime Minister

Date: 24 Aban 1316 [15 November 1937]

Number: 13494



Office of the Premiership

Number: 8341

Date: 10 Azar 1316 [1 December 1937]


[Handwritten note under the letter]

Kindly forward the background information.


10 Azar 1316 [1 December 1937]