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Ministry of the Interior

The Police Department

Area: ------


Dated: 20 Mehr 1315 [12 October 1936]

Number: 38300 - 11176

Attachment: ------


The Prime Minister

Pursuant to letter number 41371/10287, dated 31 Shahrivar 1315 [23 August 1936], regarding the issue of the complaints about Asghar Mohseni by the peasants in Seisan, we inform you that according to a report from the Eastern Province of Azerbaijan about the additional interest that Asghar Mohseni was requiring from the peasants, he has been referred to the court. Therefore, no further complaints by the peasants are warranted.

On behalf of the Minister of the Interior [signature]


[Stamp of receipt by the Office of the Prime Minister]

Dated: 21 Mehr 1315 [13 October 1936]

Number: 9334


[Handwritten note below the letter]

It was attached. 23 Mehr 1315 [15 October 1936]