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In the Name of God


From: Headquarters of Artillery 22 [illegible]

To: Headquarters F-Nzaja (Manager of Office of Personnel and Recruitment of Staff Officers)


No: 1-/701-03-26

Date: 13/11/1358 [2 February 1980]


Subject:  Dismissal of Baha’i Officers

With reference to letter no: 403-03-66 [Date]: 03/11/1358 [23 January 1980]


[With regard to] the three army officers who are listed below and have been dismissed from the Army of the Iranian Islamic Republic as of 01/10/1358 [22 December 1979], for the reason of their adherence to the Baha’i religion, [we note that] this unit is satisfied with their services and confirms that they never propagated their belief while carrying on their work duties.  I would like to request, on the basis of Addendum 2 of the above order, and with regard to the number of years of their services, information about their retirement entitlement.


Supervisor of Artillery Group 22,

Headquarters Colonel Reza Rezaie



1-Major Samiollah Tavakkoli

2- Major Manouchehr Eslahpazir

3-First Lieutenant Mostafa Khatibi