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[Personal information has been redacted.]


From: NDAJA [Islamic Republic of Iran Navy] Personnel (for Naval Personnel and Ranking Officers)

Number: 3-1516-701-3-14

To: Acting Director of Pensions and Insurance Office of the [Armed Forces, the Islamic Republic of Iran], (Retirement Department)

Subject: Sonar Senior Chief Petty Officer Daryoush Vojdani, son of Keramat, birth certificate number [redacted], born in [redacted]

From 1 Shahrivar 1360 [23 August 1981] the above-mentioned enlisted officer, in accordance with the execution of the regulation annexed as Note One to the Law that prevents employment of those who are not believers of one of the officially recognised religions, ratified on 22 Aban 1358 [13 November 1979] at a meeting of 5 Dey 1358 [26 December 1979] of the Islamic Revolutionary Council of Iran, will be retired with 16 years and [11] months of service.  And this is reflected on Article 8 of Orders 135 of NDAJA.  The attached documents, related to the named officer, are sent herewith to you.  Kindly arrange for the necessary action to be taken.

  1. Tariff 1/N/P – one volume
  2. Tablet of Retirement – 2 pages
  3. Article of Decree to retirement
  4. Article of Decree of employment – 1 page


From the Commander of NDAJA, Capitan Fazli




Brigadier, Headquarters of the Joint Armed Forces of NDAJA (Second office [illegible] Security and Intelligence) for information

Brigadier, Headquarters of the Association of Retirees NMAJAA [illegible] for information

Head of the 16-Member Commission for action

Head of the Management [illegible] NDAJAA (Administrative Affairs) for action

Head of the Second Naval Regiment Hemmati- The aforementioned Ranking Officer’s Notice of Retirement is hereby conveyed to you.  Kindly issue instructions to pay what is due to him in accordance with the regulations and return to the Deputy Personnel of [illegible] for Naval Personnel and Ranking Officers four copies of his address and location of his residence with related copies, four copies of the address where he receives his retirement salary, four copies of his birth certificate, four copies of his personal photo, Tariff NPA, and proof of salary stating credits and debits, and the Officer’s identification card.

Director of Personnel Office NEDAJA (statistic, organization, instruction, tariff, promotions, passport, computer, training ranking officers, training while in service, judicial, home mortgage, services) for action


[Handwritten note and date at the top of the page]

29 Shahrivar 1360 [20 September 1981]