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The Difficult Task of Monitoring Constitutional Compliance[1]

[Section 7, Minorities]

[Page:] 628


In the Name of God

Number 10636180

Dated 7 Shahrivar 1380 [29 August 2001]


Hojjatol-Islam Mr. Seyyed Mohammad Abtahi

Esteemed Head of the President’s Office


In response to letter number M/80-3318, dated 16 Mordad 1380 [7 August 2001], the esteemed head of the Judiciary, after reading the letter from that office and its attachments, wrote in the margin:

“In the Name of God - It appears that the esteemed president is not informed in detail about the contents of the letters written by the aforementioned Committee, and considers them to be merely conveyances of objections or complaints.  However, the contents of those letters are about something else and carry legal weight, the explanation of which requires another opportunity.”

The above [comments] have been conveyed for the president’s information.


Mahmoud Shiraj

Head of Administration of the Judiciary


[1] From a book: The Difficult Task of Monitoring Constitutional Compliance- Vazifeh Doshvar-e Nezarat bar Ejraeh Ghanoon-e Asasee 1376 – 1384 (1997-2006). Dr. Hosein Mehrpour, Tehran, Saales Publication, 1384 (2005)