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Islamic Republic of Iran

Ministry of Education

Department of Education, Karaj


Date: 21/7/1363 [13 October 1984]

Enclosure: ...........................


This is to certify that:


Miss Noushin Hoseini, a third-year student of Malek-e Ashtar junior high school, was studying at this educational facility until 19/7/63 [11 October 1984].  Under the order of the provincial Department of Education Head Office, which stipulates that Baha’i students should not be enrolled, she falls under that regulation [and was therefore expelled].  It must be mentioned that the behavior and attitude of the above-mentioned student have been satisfactory.


On behalf of the person in charge of Malek-e Ashtar Junior High School,

[Signature on official stamp]

[Official stamp]


Only the signature of principal and seal of Malek Ashtar Junior High School are certified.

Head of Education Office, Karaj,