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Ministry of Post, Telegraph, and Telephone,



From Shiraz to T [Tehran]; Receipt Number: 122098, Telegram Number: 2401, Number of Words: 151, Date of Original: 16 Esfand [1326] [7 March 1948], Date of Receipt: 16 Esfand 1326 [7 March 1948]


Honourable Prime Minister

Copy Ministry of the Interior

Commander of National Police Force


It has now been more than three months during which the residents of Sarvestan, under the provocation of troublemakers and profit-seekers, have been abusing and assaulting the Baha’is. The fire of their [animosity], even after murdering one individual and injuring several others, has not yet subsided. They have increased their restrictions [upon the Baha’is] and have made life so impossible that there is no more hope of life for the Baha’is in the locality.  They have endured to their utmost. We have pleaded for justice from the authorities. They either are unable or are unwilling to mete out justice and bring tranquillity and peace to our lives.  We were compelled to abandon our homes and now we have become homeless and lost. We beseech you, out of mercy, to please issue emphatic orders to the Fars authorities to provide social and legal security for us in the village of Sarvestan.


The [Local] Spiritual Assembly of Baha’is of Sarvestan

Muhammad-Ali Sabet



[Stamp: Telegraph Department of Tehran]

[Stamp: Registered at the Office of the Prime Minister, number 23503, date: 17 Esfand 1326 (8 March 1948)]

[Handwritten Note:] the Minister of the Interior was asked to comment about the letter