[Newspaper:] Samoa Observer

[Date:] Friday, 9 July 1993


Bahai's persecution continues in Iran

The Baha'is of Iran have been subjected to severe religious persecution by the Islamic Government of Iran since it came to power over 14 years ago.

Hundreds of Baha'is have been executed during this period, thousands imprisoned, and the Baha'i community has been deprived of its basic human rights.

The most recent deplorable and humiliating act against the Baha'is of Iran has been the desecration of the graves of Baha'is in the Baha'i cemetery of Teheran, the ignominious loading of bodies into trucks and their removal to destinations unknown to Baha'is.

This heinous act, instituted by the local municipality of Teheran, was in order to construct a building known as the Khavaran Cultural Centre.

Background information: During the early years of the Iranian Revolution, the beautifully landscaped cemetery of the Baha'is of Teheran was confiscated. The memorial hall and the mortuary facilities on the site were destroyed and the marble carved tombstones removed and subsequently sold at public auction.

Baha'i cemeteries have been pillages and confiscated throughout the country and Baha'is assigned barren pieces of land in which to bury their dead.

This recent action is further implementation on the part of the government of Iran of its objective to destroy the cultural roots of the Baha'is as cited in a secret document issued in February 1991 by Iran's Supreme Revolutionary Cultural Council. It is the first time that bodies have actually exhumed from a cemetery.

This deplorable, indecent act, demonstrates the falsehood of the repeated assertions of the Iranian Government that they are not persecuting the Baha'is because of their religion. The Teheran Baha'i cemetery, which contains thousands of graves, is of historic significance to the entire Baha'i world.                                                                   

(From: National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'is of Samoa Inc)








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