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In the Name of God

It is clear that the worth and value of human beings lie in the good name they leave behind, and sincerity and purity of motive are the measures of being assayed before the Threshold of the Almighty.


Number: 63/K/95

Date: 6 Khordad 1395 [26 May 2016]


Mr. Saman Lotfi


Praised be God, and salutations upon Muhammad and His disciples (PBUH).

This is to respectfully inform you that considering your familiarity and experience in athletic fields, and your interest in cycling, you are hereby appointed, effective 6 Khordad 1395 [26 May 2016], for a period of two years, as the head of the committee of the Cycling Board of cities within Isfahan Province.

It is hoped that in reliance on the Almighty God and by using your valuable skills and experiences, in harmony and coordination with other members of the Cycling Board of Isfahan Province, you will proceed to develop and expand this sport, especially within Isfahan. We also wish you every confirmation and success in carrying out the tasks assigned to you and the growth and flourishing of the delightful sport of cycling.

Kayvan Limouie


Director of the Cycling Board of Isfahan Province.


Cycling Board of Isfahan Province