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[Adapted from website:] Salat

[Date:] 8 Farvardin 1395 [27 March 2016]


The Need to Use the Mosque’s Capacity to Dispel Suspicions and Fight Against Baha’ism

According to the Ayatollah Seyyed Rahim Tavakkol Mosque’s specialized website, tonight at the sacred threshold of the Holy Family gathering of Isfahan, stating that some deeds are a prelude to other deeds, [it was said that], “The blessings that are given to deeds are also for the preparations for that deed to be performed, and then there are other deeds that must also be achieved”....

The lecturer of ethics of the seminary of Qom, stating that attending the mosque has innumerable blessings and material and spiritual rewards, said, “Attending the mosque should be accompanied by mutual thought, interaction and the cooperation of the people. People should respectfully solve each other’s problems in the mosque. It is the duty of the mosque-goers to see what problems others have in their places of residence and to try to solve these problems with full respect, whether material, cultural or spiritual.”

The professor of the highest levels of the seminary of Qom, referring to the growth of Baha’ism, stated, “The Baha’is do not spare any effort and expense to propagate themselves and the growth and expansion of the perverse Baha’i sect, and it is necessary to confront and fight this misguided and impure sect with all the might and the capacity of the mosques.”

He continued, “Mosques have high capacities and abilities that need to be used and managed in order to solve the material, spiritual and cultural problems of the people, especially religious doubts, and the mosque where these activities are carried out will become a stronghold for Islam and Muslims.

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