[Translator’s notes appear in square brackets]

[Personal information has been redacted.]


In the Name of God,

[Confidential stamp]

Number: -----

Date: -----

Enclosure: -----



Honourable Dr. Gholam-Ali Afrouz, deputy director of the Finance and Administration of Tehran University


Subsequent to communication number M-216, dated 10 Tir 1360 [1 July 1981], enclosed are 42 remaining names of individuals who are associated with the Zionist Baha’i sect, whom the Investigation Committee was unable to reach.  Their wages should be suspended until the circumstances of their hiring are investigated.  The list is as follows, and conveyed to you for instructions.

From the Investigation Committee



[Handwritten note number at the top of the page]

[Number:] 3/959

[Date:] 20 Tir 1360 [11 July 1981]

Until further notice, do not pay [illegible] from the list.


[Handwritten note at the margin of the page]

Kindly make photocopies for the information of [illegible] financial affairs and internal department supervisors (to investigate the account payable and receivable) [illegible] and convey for immediate action [illegible] send back the list.

[Name and signature]



[A number of handwritten notes at the bottom of the page]


[Date:] 15 Tir 1360 [6 July 1981]

[Illegible stamp]


Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran

University of Tehran



First name, Surname:

  1. [illegible] [illegible]
  2.  [illegible] Rashidi
  3. Mahereh Rowhani
  4. Amanatollah Rowshan Zaer
  5. [illegible] Sadeghi
  6. Zabihollah Azizi
  7. Mohammad-Asgar Asgarinasb
  8. Ahmad Ataei
  9. Mohtaram Ibtash
  10. Fereidoun Ataei
  11. Bahereh Ustad-Abbas
  12. Amanollah Izadpanah
  13. Jamileh Nokhosteen
  14. Mehdi Vargha
  15. Parviz Vesalehi
  16. Amanollah Vazirzadeh
  17. Ruhiyyeh Vakili Pourzand
  18. Khan-Baba Yazdanpanah
  19. Alimorad Davoudi
  20. Ezzatollah [illegible]
  21. [illegible] ollah Mehranjani
  22. [illegible]
  23. Tahereh Borhani-Tebyani
  24. Shamsi Alfanji
  25. Ghodratollah Tamadoni
  26. Habibollah Sabeti
  27. Behjat Javid
  28. Rafat Javid
  29. Mehrangiz Javidi
  30. Manouchehr Hakim
  31. Fazlollah Khezrani-Moghaddam
  32. Mansour Khoshbin
  33. Shamsollah Malakoutinejad
  34. Farkhondeh Ahranjaie
  35. Mahboubeh Derakhshan
  36. Forough Deljouiefard
  37. Iran Dehghan-Manshadi
  38. Farajollah Fathi
  39. Heshmatollah Firouz
  40. Rahmatollah Morshedzadeh
  41. Mehrangiz Meshkin-Nafas
  42. Farkhondeh Farrokhzad Naraghi