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[Adapted from website:] Baha’i World News Service

[Date:] 30 Ordibehesht 1388 (20 May 2009)


Semnan: The latest information about the sentence of Mrs. Sahba Rezvani

Latest news from Iran:

The appeal of Mrs. Sahba Rezvani (Fanaiyan), who had been imprisoned in Semnan since 25 Azar 1387 [15 December 2008], was considered on 25 Farvardin 1388 [14 April 2009], and her prison sentence was reduced from three years and eight months to three years. Mrs. Rezvani had been sentenced to three years in prison on charges of “participation in the formation of illegal groups and organizations” (referring to the “Khademin” of Semnan) and to eight months in prison for “propaganda against the Islamic Republic through the formation of classes and courses and the distribution of educational CDs”, and participating in individual propaganda for the benefit of the perverse Baha’i sect.

According to reports, Mrs. Rezvani was transferred to Evin Prison in Tehran on 15 Ordibehesht 1388 [5 May 2009]. She had difficulty meeting her family, especially [since] Mrs. Rezvani’s son, who is studying in Semnan, cannot travel to Tehran regularly. Mrs. Rezvani first met with her family in Evin Prison on 21 Ordibehesht 1388 [11 May 2008].