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[Adapted from website:] Saham News

[Date:] 13 Ordibehesht 1395 [2 May 2016]


A New Wave of Pressure on the Baha’i Businesses in Bandar Abbas

Following the recent pressures on Baha’i businesses in various cities in Iran, especially in the northern cities of the country, the scope of these measures has intensified in the south of the country and the City of Bandar Abbas.

Despite several years of intimidation, and while threats on Baha’i merchants to close their shops and companies have been on the programme of the Public Places Supervision Office of the city, it has intensified its actions in recent days and has closed several Baha’i shops.

In recent months, several optometrists’ offices, including Senator Glasses, Jazireh Glasses and Zeiss Glasses, have been sealed.

On 8 Ordibehesht [27 April], the day before the ninth of Ridvan, which is the religious holiday of the Baha’is, the Public Places Supervision Office visited all Baha’i shops and warned them not to close their shops on this day, and on the same day issued a “sealing warning” to Gamron Optical.

Most of these actions are carried out under the personal guidance of Captain Hasan Zand, head of the specialized department of the Public Places Supervision Office of Bandar Abbas, who is responsible for exerting economic pressure on the Baha’is of Bandar Abbas. With the help and support of the city’s intelligence service, he interrogates and investigates their beliefs and private lives, and tries to encourage them to leave the country. He started his actions in 1390 [2011/2012], and this has intensified over time.

Hasan Zand was one of the people who, in recent years, closely followed the business situation of Ataollah Rezvani, a Baha’i citizen, and repeatedly threatened to shut it down and restrict his economic activities, and after the murder of this Baha’i citizen, the family’s economic activity stopped for a while; however, after intensifying pressure on Baha’is, Senators Glasses, which was the business premises of Kourosh Rezvani, the victim’s son, was shut down last Esfand [February/March 2016].

The Public Places Supervision Office has also sealed several Baha’i lift installation and service companies and had them to undertake to end their economic activities.