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[Adapted from website:] Saham News

[Date:] 27 Farvardin 1394 [16 April 2015]


These Seven Men and One Baha’i Woman

The fourth year of the arrest and imprisonment of the board of directors of the Baha’i university of Iran approaches as six men and one woman, who were sentenced to four years in prison for managing and teaching at the university, will be released from prison next month after serving their sentences.

According to Saham [News], after the Islamic Revolution of Iran in 1357 [1979], the possibility of continuing the education of Baha’is in public and private universities was eliminated. In 1368 [1989], the Baha’i community of Iran established a university for Baha’i youth in the country.

The university initially accepted student correspondence and then implemented a face-to-face correspondence system, so that every month, students from all over Iran gathered in Tehran for a week and attended university classes. These classes were generally held in the homes of members of the Baha’i community in Iran, and students stayed in the homes of relatives and friends during their stay in Tehran.

With the expansion of communication facilities, the university turned to face-to-face and online correspondence, and with the development of university activities, they rented places for teaching. Since 1368 [1989], more than 4,600 undergraduate students in various fields have graduated from this university. Literature, foreign languages, computer [science], biology, psychology, sociology and civil engineering were the fields that those interested in studying at this university could choose.

Riazollah Sobhani, Fereidoun Sedghi, Kamran Mortezaie, Foad Moghaddam, Mahmoud Badavam, Ramin Zibaie, Amanollah Mostaghim and Noushin Khadem were members of the university's board of directors and faculty who were arrested in Ordibehesht 1390 [April/May 1990] and later sentenced to four years in prison. Kamran Mortezaie [is serving] a five-year sentence and will be released next year. His colleagues at the university will be released next month at the end of their sentences.

From the beginning of their imprisonment, these six men have served their sentences in Rajaei-Shahr prison in Karaj, and Noushin Khadem is in the [women’s] ward 350 of Evin [Prison].