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In His Name, the Exalted

Date: 11 Esfand 1388 [2 March 2010]

Number: 112/199/7

Enclosure: Yes



Saderat Bank of Iran

Honourable Head of the Revolutionary Prosecutor’s Office of Tehran (District 20)


Respectfully, in reference to letter number 85/85/352, dated 10 Esfand 1388 [1 March 2010], regarding the record of the freezing of the bank account of Mr. Sirous Iraninejad, son of Mehraban, [we] wish to convey the following:

The matter was communicated previously via letter number 85/85/352, dated 23 Esfand 1385 [14 March 2007], from that respected office to our head office, and all branches of this bank have been notified via letter number 90-33/241/7, dated 7 Farvardin 1386 [27 March 2007]. The details of the freezing of the said account were subsequently sent to your office via letter number 90-33/3902/7, dated 6 Ordibehesht 1386 [26 April 2007].  This information is forwarded to you for your information and use, and a copy of the existing records is also enclosed herewith.

Deputy of the Legal Office – Deputy of the Courts Division

[Signature] M. [illegible]                      

[Signature] H. Paydar

[Official Stamp]

Saderat Bank of Iran

Legal Office


Central Offices: [Address]


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