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[Personal information has been redacted.]



Islamic Republic of Iran

Department of Education, Province of Isfahan

Education Department, District 3

Sadi High School


Number:  608

Date: 20 Mehr 1361 [12 October 1982]

Enclosure: None

Phone number:  43939


In the Name of God



This is to certify that Mr Siamak Ahrari, son of Mohammad Hosein, with birth certificate number of [redacted], Date of birth [redacted], was enrolled in level one of experimental sciences in the academic year of 1360-1361[1981-1982] at this high school and he has passed all Khordad [final] exams. He has admitted to his adherence to the Baha’i sect in the presence of school staff.

This certificate has been issued for the purpose of his enrolling in another high school and has no other purpose.


Principal of Sadi High School

[Signature on official stamp]

Sadi High School