[Translator’s notes appear in square brackets]

[Personal information has been redacted.]



Telegraph Bureau of the Exalted Government of Iran

Ledger number: 213

From Kashan to Tehran

Invoice number: 494

Telegram number: 3

Word count: 361

Original date: 2 [Mizan] [24 September]

Descriptions: governmental

Date of receipt: 2 Mizan [Mehr 1300] [24 September 1921]

Recipient’s name: [illegible]


To the holy presence of the Prime Minister, long live His Eminence!

The blessed [non-coded] telegram number 9764 and number 777 coded cable were read. Before receiving these cables this servant tried as much as possible to resolve the matter and had achieved some success. The cable [number] 9764 was disseminated through His Holiness Molla Habibullah, the mujtahid to all clerics and the inhabitants [of the city]. All have been and are in obedience to instructions of the Cabinet, especially His Holiness Ayatollah Molla Habibollah—God’s peace be upon him, and his children, who have made special efforts to remove the problem. If the written [government] orders for dispersing people had not arrived, there would have been troubles and possibly people being murdered. 

…  The [Vahdat-e Bashar] school is usually open like other schools and is busy educating [students]. As ordered, at the moment I am in conversation with Hojjatol-Islam and the school principal to try to resolve this case.  …  Regarding the rumours that have reached you that Vahdat School [it seems to be referring to Vahdat-e Bashar School] constantly propagates the new religion. This is absolutely incorrect and there is nothing to prove this is so. 

1 Mizan [Mehr] [23 September 1921], number 700, [signed:] your servant, Amir Husayn 



[Handwritten notes on top of telegraph 1:] Urgent 

[Handwritten notes 2:] [Illegible] has become, also was sent to various offices, [it is] a repetition. [In the] province, office of [illegible]. Mr. [illegible] enter and record with a number. 3 Mizan [Mehr] 300 [1300] [25 September 1921]

[Handwritten note 3:] [number:] 803 /[date] 4 Mizan [Mehr] 1300 [26 September 1921]

[Handwritten note 4:] Southern Bureau, immediately prepare two telegrams and send to [illegible] 4 Mizan [1300] [26 September 1921]