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Court of Administrative Justice

The Judiciary

Court Order


“Do not follow your base desires, lest you deviate” [Quran]

Court of Administrative Justice, Branch 3


Court Order Number: 8909970900300147

Case Number: 8809980900018957

Branch Archival Number: 880637

Date: 21 Mehr 1389 [13 October 2010]

Enclosure: ----

In the Name of God


Appellant: Farzad Ahmadi, son of Attaollah, Address: [redacted]

Defendant: Sahand Polytechnic University

Subject of Grievance and Claim: As described in the complaint

Procedure Synopsis:

The complainant, by presenting the complaint, which was attached to relevant documents, requested an investigation into his complaint as per the above description. Case number 8809980900018957, attached to the report of the head of the Branch, was presented. Following the necessary investigations on the mentioned date, the court declared the closure of the investigation and issued the following verdict accordingly.


The Verdict of the Court

Considering the case documents and content and the explanations of the defendant, prepared on 31 Mordad 1389 [22 August 2010], that actions taken against the plaintiff by the defendant were to enforce the regulations sanctioned by the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution, [the complaint of] violation of the rights of the plaintiff is not valid and therefore the claim is rejected. The ruling was issued based on Article 7 of the Court of Administrative Justice and it is final.


Head of Branch 3 of the Court of Administrative Justice,

Zabihollah Vahedi


Advisors for Branch 3 of the Court of Administrative Justice,

Sepideh Ghavami and Seyyed Hosein Hoseinian


[The Official Stamp and Signature:]

22 Aban 1389 [13 November 2010]


[Stamp and Signature:]

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Court of Administrative Justice