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Islamic Republic of Iran

Ministry of Education


Education Department of Karaj

Date: [Illegible]

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In the Name of God

It is respectfully certified that Miss Rozita Nouri-Diznab, child of Mohammad, with birth certificate No. [redacted], issued from Tehran, studied at this school from 1 Mehr 1363 [23 September 1984] to 19 Mehr 1363 [11 October 1984]. According to the instructions of the Education Department of Karaj, she can no longer continue her studies in the Islamic school, owing to the fact that Baha’ism is not recognized as an official religion; the student has confessed to being Baha’i and has admitted to believing in the Baha’i [Faith]. The student’s record has been handed over to her guardian. However, we are satisfied with her ethics and behaviour.


The Headmistress of the Salman Farsi Middle School - Shahin [illegible]


[Official stamp]

Department of Education of Karaj

Salman Farsi Middle School for Girls