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Islamic Republic of Iran


Date: 16 Ordibehesht 1360 [6 May 1981]

Number: [illegible]

Enclosure: -----



In the Name of the Most High

Mr. Rouhollah Sabet-Rasekh, employee in the Horticultural Institute,

In view of reliable information received from trustworthy and legitimate sources [and given you are a Baha’i] registered under number [redacted] in Isfahan and that your affiliation with the perverse Baha’i sect and as your connection with this deviant group that is associated with international Zionism has been established for the university team that is responsible for “directing individuals to do what is lawful and enjoining that individuals not commit what is unlawful”, therefore, in enforcing the requirements set out by the Ministry of Culture and Higher Education under circular number 1/8209 dated 17 Aban 1359 [8 November 1980], it is no longer permissible for you to continue to work at this university. As such, your employment is terminated effective the date of this decision, and from this date onwards you will no longer hold any post or have any rights at the University of Isfahan.


Dean of Isfahan University

Mohammad-Ali Shahzamanian