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Islamic Republic of Iran

Ministry of Heavy Industries


“In His Name, the Exalted”


Number:  [S/8470]

Date: 21/07/1364 [13 October 1985]


[Handwritten number]  S/8470


To: State Public Prosecutor’s Office

From: Coordinating Office for Vehicle Distribution

Subject: Request for opinion


Greetings; we enclose herewith a copy of Mr. Rouhollah Monzaviyan’s request, and you are informed that assigning vehicles to individuals is conditioned upon certain requirements, such as lack of any penal and political convictions.

Since this individual is a follower of the Baha’i sect, please provide guidance and your opinion as to whether or not he should be allocated a vehicle.

Vehicle Distribution Coordinating Office



Copy to:

1.         Office of Vice [-Ministry] of Economics and Commerce