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In the Name of God

I respectfully inform you that on 6 Farvardin 1363 [26 March 1984], after successfully bidding for a car, the Mazda 1000 van, I deposited an amount of five hundred and fifty thousand, two hundred and fifty (550,250) rials—which, as God is my witness, I had borrowed from others and I still owe them—into account number 174471- 24 Esfand 1362 [14 March 1984].

After one-and-a-half years (the due date for delivery), I went to the Mazda factory a number of times and, in response, they refused to deliver the mentioned van, [using my religion as an] excuse. They stated that because I am a Baha’i, I wasn’t entitled to utilize it; whereas, there was never any mention or order regarding religion and minorities.

Taking into account that in my original application form it was mentioned that the van would be used for agricultural purposes, which promotes progress and fulfils the society’s self-sufficiency and independence from external sources, and considering that I have no other means of income to make ends meet, would it be in accordance with the good pleasure of God for me to be faced with such a response after all this time? Not at all.

It must be mentioned that within the boundaries and criterion of agricultural affairs, I am covered by the laws of the country and I enjoy their benefits.

I appeal to you to consider and issue instructions to resolve these difficulties, so that I can continue with my constructive work.

Praying to God for your increased success and confirmation.


Rouhollah Monzavian [Signature]

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16 Mordad 1364 [7 August 1985]

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