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[Personal information has been redacted.]


Date: 5 Esfand 1363 [24 February 1985]

From Police Force Prison

Section:  One

Number of Picture:  ------------

Name and Surname of the Sender:  Rouhollah Bahramshahi

Name of the father:  Goshtasb

Detention order: Number:  -----, Date:  -----, Issued:  -----, From:  -----


In the Name of God,

Dear Mr. Eftekhari,

First Assistant Prosecutor to the Office of the Prosecutor, of the Islamic Republic, Yazd, [may your success last forever]

I would like to respectfully convey that my mother has been bedridden for quite a while, and her health condition has [significantly] deteriorated.  Her perpetual wish is to see me, but she cannot move.  Once, in your presence, she mentioned her desire for being next to me should she be on her dying bed, and you responded, “When the time comes, I will allow you”.  Therefore, now that she has been transferred to Yazd, I request your permission to visit her on the last day of her life, and be present at her bedside and see her once more.  I am truly grateful to you.


With respect,