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In the Name of God

Dated: 8 Aban 1362 [30 October 1983]


Mr. Mehrdad Badkoubeh, son of Mr. Ahmad Badkoubeh, a former employee of the Municipality of Isfahan, born in [redacted] in [redacted]holding the birth certificate number [redacted], issued in [redacted] and with the [Baha’i] religious registration number of [redacted] from Isfahan, graduated from the Number 1 Technical College of Isfahan. He was employed in the Interior Design section for nearly one year. However, because of various problems, such as being conscripted for military service, he was denied the necessary commodities for his work. Subsequent to consulting his parents and the Local Assembly, which let him decide freely, following his religious and national responsibility, he joined the military service to serve his country.

At the time of filling in the [military service] application form, he openly indicated his religious belief as being Baha’i. Then, on 20 Mehr 1361[12 October 1982], he was assigned to go to Tehran to receive training in military skills and service for three months. Ultimately, he was sent to the front line in Dehloran. Because of his religious belief, he had written requesting that his commander in charge not send him to any position that involved [involvement with] politics or killing people [using firearms]. His request was approved and he was given a car to drive the soldiers to and from the front line. For nearly 10 months, he served diligently in Dehloran and Dezfoul, attracting the satisfactory attention of his commanders.  Finally, on 28 Mehr 1362 [20 October 1982] he was killed, while in service. After ten days, his family was informed and his corpse was sent to his family. He received a religious burial ceremony [combined with] the chanting of prayers and the special obligatory prayer for the departed. May God’s forgiveness shower upon him.


Mother of the war martyr – Rouha Ferdowsian


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