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[Date:] 26 Mehr 1329 [18 October 1950]


His Honour the Prime Minister of Iran, Mr. Razmara, May your excellent existence continue

Copy to: The Ministry of the Interior

Copy to: Bank-e Melli of Iran

Copy to: The Governorate of Shahrekord

Copy to: The Police Headquarters of Shahrekord


The Governorate of Shahrekord,

As it has been observed, a number of Baha’is from different areas have recently moved to this place and soon they will be forming their Assembly. Reportedly, their leadership lies with Mr. Eshraghi, the Manager of the Bank-e Melli. Since such institutions mislead the commoners and the illiterate [people], it is possible that this will gradually lead to unwarranted events. A few nights ago, the police headquarters identified their gathering place. It is requested that the government officials take the proper actions and arrange for the return of others, such as such as Raika, the carpenter; Ghalili, the tinsmith and his brother; Yahya Shamma’i and others…to their original localities.

Signatures: Amrollah Sajjadi, Ebrahim Kouhi, Ehsani, Ra’isi, Fathollah Kouhi, Abdollah Mahmudian, Khodarahm Al-e Ebrahim, Mahmoud Karami, Nasrollah Mohammadian, Hasan Karimi, Heydar Fathi, Kasra’i, Barat-Ali Fattahian, Mohammad Ra’isi, Abdol-Rahim Hadian, Mostafa Mirzamani, Mohammad Sadri, Mirza-Ali Al-e Ebrahim, Rahim Ghaffari, Hedayatollah Al-e Ebrahim, Sajjadi and a few more.


True copy,