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Ministry of the Interior,

National Police Force,


Dated: 26 Ordibehesht 1324 [16 May 1945]

Number: 160

Copy of Zahedan Police letter to Zabol Police


Police Force of Zabol

In relation to [letter] number 63 – 20 Ordibehesht 1324 [10 May 1945], the Baha’i clan has not moved to those regions recently.  It has been for many long years that they have settled in and are interested in owning lands in Zabol.  Besides, due to the recent disputes which took place because of religious differences which were used by some troublemakers, it is possible [they also] may instigate the people to riot and cause chaos.  Therefore, the police chief of each region is personally responsible to keep the peace and calm of his territory.  With the knowledge of the governor, any time they notice anyone intending to create trouble for people or cause disturbance in order, or start a demonstration, they should, with utmost firmness, courtesy and neutrality, seriously prevent them and prosecute them according to legal regulations.  Therefore, you must be diligent in your regions of responsibility to be aware of the slightest misbehaviour from either side which might disturb the general order or cause a dispute, and prevent them before occurrence.  Any time we see or hear of any shortcoming or negligence, you personally and all your employees and officers will be held responsible and severely called to account.  As you have been instructed by [letter] number 111 – 14 Ordibehesht 1324 [4 May 1945], if you need any personnel to disperse riots, [we] have instructed the [Gendarmerie] Brigade of Zahedan to instructed the [Gendarmerie] Regiment of [Zabol] to cooperate with the police in every way. It is necessary to refer to the regiment there with the knowledge of the local governor.  We now enclose a copy of the command circular of the honourable National Police Force for your information and action.


Zahedan Police Chief, Major Khomarlou


Copy corresponds with original.