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The Ministry of the Interior

Governorate of Shahroud


Date: 13 Aban [1322], [5 November 1943]

Number: 6824


Copy of letter from the Gendarmerie, the original of which has been registered under number 2231.


After formalities:


Following letter number 6433- of 9 Aban 1322 [1 November 1943] it is hereby brought to your exalted attention that the Gendarmerie Section of Miami has sent a report by telegraph to our platoons that on 9 Aban 1322 [1 November 1943], the people of Miami gathered at the main section and petitioned for justice, [indicating] that someone by the name of Ataollah Sangsari and a few other Baha’is from Sangsar have started propagation and distribution of their religious books and are inviting the residents to follow the Baha’i religion. On the other hand, the aforementioned Ataollah is pleading for justice, [stating] that the people of Miami have stolen six of their sheep and set fire to their front door overnight. The commander in Miami has added that the people are extremely angry and hateful towards the Baha’is and we fear that this might cause a commotion.  At any rate, because of the urgency of the matter, I personally will leave for Miami to look into it and to issue the necessary orders for peace and order in Miami and will inform your governorate of the situation.  Therefore, I request that you inform our office of your views and your decision regarding this matter. 


On behalf of the Commander of the Gendarmerie Platoons of Shahroud,

First Lieutenant Nasser


This is a true copy of the original