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In the Name of God


Islamic Republic of Iran

Ministry of Energy

Date: 20 Mordad 1361 [11 August 1982]

Number: ---


“Today, the reputation of the Islamic Republic is bound to the reputation of its incumbents”.

Imam Khomeini


Mr. Riazollah Iqanian,

Attached please find a copy of rendered judgement number 1, dated 13 Mordad 1361 [4 August 1982] of the Human Resources Restructuring Commission of the Ministry of Energy, regarding your permanent dismissal from government services, which has been received by this section, through letter number 13/B, dated 25 Mordad 1361 [16 August 1982].

In case of any objection to the mentioned judgement, it is imperative that you put your appeal in writing within 15 days from the time of receiving this notice, addressing it to the Personnel Management and Welfare Department of the Ministry of Energy; otherwise, the decision taken will be final and enforceable./.

Seifollah Oliyai 

Director of the Personnel Management and Welfare Department