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Islamic Republic of Iran

Ministry of Education

Head Office of the Department of Education of Kerman Province


Number ------

Date -------

Enclosure ------


This is to certify that Miss Rezvan Zeinali, daughter of Rouhollah Zeinali, was a student at Level 2 of the Culture and Literature [course of study] at Shohada-38 Senior High School until 18 Aban 1360 [9 November 1981]. As a result of her having admitted to being a Baha’i, and her non-participation in the school’s demonstrations and political debates, she has been expelled from school in accordance with [the decision set out in] Minute number 1618 – 18 Aban 1360 [9 November 1981].  This certificate is being issued at the request of the student’s mother. Her records have also been handed over to her mother.

Acting Principal of Shohada-38 Senior High School


[Official stamp]

The Kaykhosrow -Shahi Girl’s Senior High School in Kerman