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Form number 3


Islamic Republic of Iran

Ministry of Oil

Date: 3 Esfand 1362 [22 February 1984]

Number: 783/4531/BTH

Enclosure: -----


In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful


Decision number: 783; Date: 3 Esfand 1362 [22 February 1984]

Administered by: Restructuring of Human Resources Board of Appeal, Ministry of Oil

Type of Allegation: 22 paragraph 8

Proceedings: The allegations against Mrs. Rezvan, last name: Shabbak; daughter of: Mohammad-Rashid; born: in [redacted]; birth certificate number: [redacted], issued in [redacted]; organizational position: accountant; work experience: 20 years; location of service: Abadan Refinery; personnel number: [redacted]; education: diploma; married; according to order number HBA/[illegible]/1311, dated 26 Esfand 1361 [17 March 1983], issued by the primary board number 9 of the Restructuring of Human Resources in Abadan, with charges of membership in the perverse Baha’i sect, subject of paragraph 8 of Article 29 of the Human Resources Restructuring Act, applicable to Government Ministries and Affiliated Organizations, ratified on 5 Mehr 1361 [27 September 1982], and based on paragraph 11 of Article 20 of the aforementioned law, which sentenced you to dismissal from government services, were reviewed by the Board of Appeal during its 2 Esfand 1362 [21 February 1984] meeting; after a careful reviewed of all submitted documents, the following order is issued:


Order of the Board of Appeal

According to the case documents and report of the investigating team—X—, defence of the accused—X—, and documents contained in the case—X—, and taking into consideration other conditions and circumstantial evidence instructed for this case, and in the opinion of this Council, the charges against the accused appear to be established and evident; therefore, the order of the primary board was issued properly and [free from] any legal errors, and it is entirely confirmed.  This decision was entered pursuant to Section 46 of the Restructuring of Human Resources Act [applicable to] Government Ministries and Affiliated Organizations sanctioned on 5 Mehr 1360 [27 September 1981], and is final and enforceable.


*Since the case has been returned to the competent court, any final decision made by the court in relation to the accusation must be obeyed.


Head of the Board of Appeal

[Official stamp]

Ministry of Oil Restructuring of Human Resources




[Handwritten note date at the bottom of the page]

The above mentioned order was delivered to me, Rezvan Shabbak, on 26 Aban 1363 [17 November 1984]