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Islamic Republic of Iran




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Date: 6 Bahman 1362 [26 January 1984]

Decision number: 10283 [illegible]

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On 4 Bahman 1362 [24 January 1984], an extraordinary meeting was held by Branch 12 of the Islamic Revolutionary Central Court, to investigate the case of Ahmad Bashiri, son of Farajollah, member of the National Assembly of the Zionist institutions of the Baha’is of Iran. The charges of the case of the accused are [shown] in detail in the indictment of the Central Revolutionary Prosecutor’s Office of the Islamic Republic.


After the charges were explained to the defendant, his defence was stated, which was written in the minutes of the court. The court, after investigating the contents of the pages of the case and documented reasons of the Prosecutor’s Office, declared the following:


The statement of the Court regarding the charges against Ahmad Bashiri:

  1. Membership in the institutions of the Zionist Baha’i National Assembly at the national level; according to the proofs and documents and confessions of the accused as well as of the other defendants, the National Assembly, from a hierarchical point of view, has been managing all the Baha’i institutions of Iran in favour of the International Zionist Organization and the foreign enemy countries. It has been communicating directly with Israeli Zionist organizations and the Universal House of Justice. It is the leader of the institutions of the perverse Baha’i sect in Iran.
  2. Espionage in favour of the occupying regime of Israel and communication with the Mossad agents (intelligence organization of the occupying regime of Israel); the accused, as a member of the National Assembly, would collect the national news of the Islamic Republic, political, economic and social, and would report to the government of Israel and the House of Justice. He confesses that the House of Justice follows the orders of the government of Israel.
  3. Collecting contributions and other monetary assistance from the members of the perverse Baha’i sect, under the names of Huququ’llah, charity, pledges, etc., to help the economic foundation of the occupying regime of Israel and combat the Muslims; according to the confessions of the accused, the members of the National Assembly, the accused himself included, have collected this assistance and have left it to the discretion of Israel and the Baha’i Institutions in Israel.
  4. [Taking part in] emergency planning to confront the government of the Islamic Republic with the goal of overthrowing this divine regime, are points mentioned in the documents in detail. Regarding the design that has been approved by Israeli experts, the accused and other members of the National Assembly have organized the new institutions planned in this regard and have continued their activities in a new way.
  5. Creating an agitating propagation environment on a vast and international level in order to undermine the foundation of the Islamic government of Iran, where the National Assembly, in harmonizing this overall plot and issuing orders to the followers of the perverse Baha’i sect, has played the fundamental role. The National Assembly has been trying to establish this international plotting, to pressurize and question the leaders of the government of the Islamic Republic and prepare the environment for pretending to be oppressed and for furthering their activities.
  6. Directing the followers of the perverse Baha’i sect to informally leave the country, selling their properties and leaving them at the discretion of the Baha’i institutions, and once abroad, presenting themselves to the United Nations Offices and asking for political refugee status. Once in another country they receive the proceeds of the properties sold in Iran from the Baha’i institutions.
  7. Active membership in the Baha’i committees and its Zionist institutions, and vast activities to lead the youth astray, and [having] subversive goals of espionage on the national level.


Other related matters are in the files of the case.


[The accused has confessed to being a member of the National Assembly, espionage in favour of foreigners, opposing the regime of the Islamic Republic and plotting against this divine regime and for its overthrow. Therefore, the Central Islamic Revolutionary Court considers him as corrupt and ungodly and hostile, and has sentenced him to death, confiscating the properties pertaining to him and to his children (that are living outside of Iran) in favour of the government of the Islamic Republic. The case for the final deliberations is being referred to the Supreme Court of the Islamic Republic. After the receipt of the views of that respected court, the decision will be delivered accordingly.


Sharia Judge of the Branch 11 of the Central Islamic Revolutionary Court,

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[Date:] 6 Bahman 1362 [26 January 1984]

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