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Office of the Prosecutor of the Islamic Revolution of Tehran – Evin 608


Number: [S-T-D- KAM 326230]

[Handwritten note at the top of the page] Court of Appeals


On 16 Mordad 1370 [7 August 1991] in an extraordinary session, the Islamic Revolutionary Court of Tehran, Branch 1, presided over by the undersigned, is convened to carry out the Order dated 16 Shahrivar 1368 [7 September 1989] of the honourable leader of the Islamic Revolution related to classified case number 1/29326/NA/69, regarding the properties that have remained behind from Mr. Rostam Sefidvash, his son Siavash, his wife and children in Iran, and which was investigated under supervision of the Islamic Revolutionary Court of Tehran, Branch 6, and considering the totality of the contents of the case, and the decision on the sufficiency of investigation, the following decree is being issued:


Court’s Judgement

According to the written contents of the file and the description of Judgement number 22623, dated 8 Ordibehesht 1370 [28 April 1991], Mr. Rostam Sefidvash, resident of Gorgan, was one of the Iranian followers of the perverse Baha’i sect. During the triumph of the Islamic Revolution he definitely left the country, travelling between Israel and America, and has become resident there [sic]. According to the report in the file, some properties in Gorgan pertaining to him, his wife and his children are being identified, which are partially under the guardianship of Bonyad-e Mostazafan va Janbazan [Foundation of the Devotees and Oppressed] of the Islamic Revolution, and [partially] under the guardianship of the Foundation of the Martyrs of the Islamic Revolution.

Regarding the fate of the properties of Rostam Sefidvash, his wife and his children, the relevant file has been investigated at the Islamic Revolutionary Court of Tehran, Branch 6. That respected Branch, referring to the Order dated 2 Ordibehesht 1370 [22 April 1991] (registered at the above-mentioned number)—because the aforementioned accused has gone abroad, and is [outside] the custody of the regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran—has declared its opinion regarding the restitution of their seized properties, and as per your blessed written instructions, has forwarded the relevant file to this Branch. Therefore, the Islamic Revolutionary Court of Tehran, having studied the existing proofs in the mentioned file, confirms the abovementioned Judgement, which has been issued according to religious standards. This decision is both religious and final, and enforceable. The Office of Execution of Instructions of the Office of the Prosecutor of the Islamic Revolution, in accordance with the Office of the Prosecutor of the Islamic Revolution of Gorgan, should execute the order. /22

The Sharia Judge of the Islamic Revolutionary Court of Justice

Branch 1 of Tehran


Hosein-Ali Nayyeri  

[Signature over the Official Stamp]


[Handwritten note at the bottom of the page]

“In the Name of God

Execution of the Orders

Take action regarding the notification and execution of the Order”

[Illegible] [Signature] [25] Mordad [16 August]

[Illegible] [Signature] 6 Shahrivar 1370 [28 August 1991]