Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran

In the Name of God



[Date:] 12 July 1993

[Number:] ERII- 1066


The Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran greets you attentively and has the honor of forwarding the following clarifications:

1. In the Islamic Republic of Iran, the followers of the religions of God have total freedom to practice the rituals of their religions.

2. According to the constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran, citizens enjoy the same rights, and no one can be persecuted for his religious faith or political thoughts.

3. The religious minorities such as Jews, Armenians, Zoroastrians, and Assuris (a faction of the Armenians) have representatives in the Iranian Parliament, being elected by direct vote.

4. The followers of the Bahá' í sect live peacefully in Iran as any Iranian citizen, and the accusation that in Iran there is a program for exerting pressure, violating their rights, and exterminating them is groundless.

5. The Bahá' í Faith is not a religion, but rather a sect created by certain imperialist countries to exert pressure on Iran and to guarantee their own interests.

6. The imperialist countries, which cannot stand to see Third World countries like Iran making decisions freely, always try to produce false documents to exert pressure on them. In the same manner they sometimes act against Brazil.

7. The Islamic teachings and the constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran oblige us to be sensitive to the violation of the rights of our fellow human beings in the world, and consequently to defend them. Naturally, ensuring the rights of Iranian citizens, giving them security and tranquility, are fundamental duties of the Iranian Government.

8. The Islamic Republic of Iran, in order to defend the oppressed people of the world, sends considerable humanitarian aid every year to different countries, especially Asian and African countries and those suffering from natural disasters.

9. Since ancient times, Iran has been a refuge for political exiles and for those who have left their homeland due to natural disasters; they have always been received by the Iranians with hospitality. Obviously, this people would not want to violate the rights of their compatriots.

Naturally, traitors to the fatherland are subject to judgment and punishment in accordance with the law. Such behaviour is accepted and practiced by all the countries of the world.

The Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran would like to add that it rejects all accusations attributed to the Islamic Republic of Iran in disrespect of the Bahá' í and in violation of their rights; and it is at your disposal for more clarifications on the rights of minorities in Iran.

The Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran takes the opportunity to renew its affirmations of high esteem and consideration.

In the hope of the victory of the oppressed over the oppressors


Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran






























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