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[Personal information has been redacted.]


In the name of God


Provisional Islamic Revolution Committee

Number: 3260

Date: 30/1/1358 [19 April 1979]


Central Committee of Islamic Republic of city of Birjand


Enclosed please find the original complaint of a few inhabitants of the village Lefer-Ferest[1] about the invasion of their lives and property (by the reason of their being Baha’is), by a few opportunists. You are directed to [take this matter seriously and] arrange for it to be carefully investigated and to take appropriate action in accordance with civil law and religious standards, and to prevent the repetition of such incidents in the future.


[Handwritten note at the middle of the page]

And that they do not harass religious minorities.


Central Committee of the Islamic Republic

On behalf of Mohammad-Reza Kani

[Signature covering official stamp]


[Hand written note at the bottom of the page]

Hand written copy is correct. [Signature]


[1] [This might be typographical error and the village name might be Nowferest]