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Ministry of the Interior

Department of Municipal Affairs

Number: 3386

Date: 8 Aban 1322 [31 October 1943]

Transcription of the report of District Office of Mahallat


The Governorate Office of Qom,

Recently, a number of people from Tehran—not more than three or four families—moved to Mahallat, and this move, according to their own statement, was due to the hardship of living in Tehran. They have brought along with them some textiles and other provisions to sell, such as rice and oil.

A few days ago, the District Office and some other departments received two complaints from the inhabitants that the said individuals had come to Mahallat under the pretext of buying provisions, and with the intention of exporting their locally purchased goods. In consultation with the Finance Department, a secret agent was assigned to watch their export activities. A letter was submitted to the infantry of the gendarmerie to be cognizant of their actions, as rumour has it that these people are Baha’is and have come here to propagate their religion, but so far there have not been any public actions on their part. As a result, the inhabitants have prevented them from utilizing the public facilities, such as the communal baths. The previous day, the families had gone to use the bath known as Bath of ‘Arsh and the inhabitants had prevented them from entering the bath. If such prevention had not taken place, there would have been the possibility of an incident.

Seemingly, the stay of these people here is not advisable. They need to be relocated to another area as soon as possible. Therefore the matter has been brought to your attention, and your advice is sought, so that we [can] take actions as you instruct.


Head of the District, Hussein Shakeri

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