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In His Name, the Exalted


We hereby announce to and notify all the Muslims of the Imam-zadeh Mahmoud [holy place]:


At this time, when by the will of eternal God, and by the special grace of the Imam of our Age [may God expedite His return], the Islamic government is in charge of the affairs and the great Revolution of the nation of Iran by the leadership of His Holiness, the great leader [illegible] Ayatollah Khomeini (may his protective shadow continue), and is treading very interesting and distinct and important paths, it is everyone’s duty to consider the peace and the security of the area during their holiday vacations, and stop all kinds of chaos and disturbance and actions that are contrary to the Revolution.

You should be extra careful that the houses and the farms of the Baha’is that have been deserted due to their migration to the Broujen and Shahreza areas, and have been left unsupervised, are not damaged or destroyed.

Everyone should also remember that no one except the Mahmoudi Sadaat [from the lineage of the Prophet], is permitted by their own will to purchase the houses or farmlands of the Baha’is, as it is possible that these lost elements will start selling their possessions to non-Sadat to create disunity and contempt and to provoke the Muslims to fight each other.

And also, in order to keep the peace and security of the Shabliz area, which is the residency of the Sadaat and the Tamoradi and other tribes, we are forming a policing committee, consisting of all these tribes, to stop any riot, disorder or convulsion with absolute power and authority. Of course, Mr. Mir Khodaya, Mr. Tahmouresi, Mr. Seyyed Habibollah Mahmoudi Parto, Mr. Sheykh Mostafa Khademi, Mr. Seyyed Abbas Bina-Nejad, Mr. Mir Vazir [illegible], Mr. Seyyed Abdol Mohammad Dadvand, Mr. Seyyed Kabootar Tahmouresi, Mr. Mir Darvish Pelazh, Mr. Mir Abou Saleh Mahmoudi, Mr. Seyyed Reza Mahmoudi, Mr. Molla Mehr Ali Zakia, Mr. Pir Morad Shamsiyan, Mr. Molla Gholam Hosein Barjasteh and Mr. Seyyed Abdol Reza Mahmoudi will be  totally in control of the area and will do whatever is in the best interest of the religious standards and the Islamic Revolution.

Again, I repeat, be extra careful, that no one may commit any action that is against the Islamic Revolutionary Regime.


26 Ordibehesht 1358 [16 May 1979] Haj Seyyed Karamatollah Malek Hosseini