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Ministry of Posts, Telegraph, and Telephone


Registration Number:-----




From: Kashmar, to: T [Tehran]; Receipt number: 6612; Telegraph Number: 58, Number of Words: 191, Date of the original 13/11/[1326] - [2 February 1948], Date received: 14 Bahman [1326] [3 February 1948]


Mr. Prime Minister,

Copy to the Islamic Propaganda Association,

Copy to Mr. [Ayatollah] Boroujerdi,

Copy to [Newspaper:] Parcham e Islam,

Copy to National Gendarmerie Headquarters,

Copy to Ministry of Justice,

Copy to Ministry of Interior, copy to Mr. Eghbal


[For the last] few years, Shokrollah Ahmadi and his sons have assailed and blocked the properties of two thousand Muslim people who live on the outskirts of the Koh-Sorkh.  Thirty people under his leadership, who are Baha’is and teach the other Muslim residents day and night about the Baha’i religion, are preventing them from going to mosque and passing through.  And they do not refrain from pillaging the belongings and real estate and honour[1] of the Muslims.  The aforementioned individual and his sons have a strong hand in government offices, especially in the Kashmar Governorate Office.  For example, Shokrollah is an accomplice of the previous Hosein Khan, the thief, and has received one thousand tumans from Hosein Khan in his home.  We Muslims have all complained to the government authorities, but it produces the opposite result.  If things go on as they are, it will not be long before the religion of Islam in [the villages of] Faiegh [Namegh] and Arz, [as well as] the honour of the Muslim people in Faiegh [Namegh], will be lost.  We request that you prevent the assault of these few individuals.


Fazlollah Hesabi, Seyyed Mirza Asadi, Abbas Bakhshi, Saied, Shokrollah Mousavi, Seyyed Mohammad, Hosein, Mohammad, Mehdi, Mohammad-Reza Zamani.


[Margin 1:] [Stamp: Tehran Telegraph Office]

[Margin 2:] [Stamp: Received at the Office of Prime Minister, number: Illegible, Date: 15 Bahman 1326 [2 February 1948].

[Margin 3:] Written inquiry was made of the Ministry of the Interior.



[1] [ It could imply female members of family]