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10 Farvardin 1392 [30 March 2013]


In the Name of God

We wish to respectfully inform you that, pursuant to Judgment Number 9109971992100922, issued by Branch 1 of the General Court of Kiasar District, on 26 Mehr 1391 [17 October 2012], we the signatories of this complaint, witnessed the disturbance and obstructions by two residents of the Village of Ivel, Mr. Nad-Ali Fallahpour and Mr. Seyyed Javad Derakhshan, when we were present there in our agricultural lands for the autumn barley cultivation. The two mentioned individuals disturbed and prevented the continuation of our agricultural work, while were holding the reports of the regulatory meeting held with us farmers at the Telma Darreh Police Station on 14 Mehr 1391 [5 October 2012]. All of us, on the same morning of 26 Mehr 1391 [17 October 2012], went to the esteemed commander-in-chief of the police station, located in Telma Darreh to file a complaint and ask for the cessation of the harassment. The esteemed commander-in-chief summoned Mr. Nad-Ali Fallahpour to the police station. He came to the police station accompanied by Mr. Rahman Layali. The account of the whole situation was documented, and a report was prepared by the esteemed commander to be submitted to the esteemed Court of Kiasar, along with our complaint, so that [after the removal of] their obstruction and disturbance, our agricultural work could continue. Unfortunately, despite our repeated pursuits, it did not bring about results.

It should be mentioned that Mr. Feiz-Mohammad Ahmadi from Sanur and Mr. Zein-Ali Verdipour from Ali Kola, who was present with his tractor, and Mr. Naghi Ahmadi Sanuri Bazrpash were also present and witnessed the harassment and obstruction of the mentioned individuals.



Changiz Jazbani – Mehrangiz Movaffaghi Iveli – Fatemeh Sabetian – Akbar Movaffaghi – Hosein Sadeghi – Ali Piri – Aref Derakhshan – Ghavamoddin Sabetian – Seyyed Zia Sadeghi Iveli [and a few other illegible signatures]


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