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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Resalat

[Date:] Saturday 24 Aban 1365 – 12-3-1407 [15 November 1986]

[Number:] 245

[Section:] Political


For the occasion of the Pope’s travel to Bangladesh

Vatican’s Goals in the Islamic World

The church considers the human rights’ issue and the provisions of the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights, which is asking for so-called “freedom of belief” for everyone, as one of the key instruments for its penetration into Islamic societies.  This is because the church is well aware that the Muslim nations of the world are particularly strict in their commitment to Islamic principles and [Muslims] will not change their religion, and a “human rights climate” can therefore be created in Islamic countries only by using governments that are puppets in the hands of foreigners, and leading figures who are Muslim in appearance only.  So, in order for the church to advance its agenda, it acts under the banner of the Charter of Human Rights and treaties (created by the West) that govern political, religious and cultural freedom, the required executive guarantee for its so-called proselytizing activities (which should in reality be called “conversion to Christianity” activities!), as this is the only way that the church could, in the long run, possibly persuade Muslim communities to incline towards Christianity.

Evidently, the Heads of anti-national and western affiliated governments in some Islamic countries, while claiming that society cannot be kept closed, and people should not be treated as children, rather than preparating them for free political activities, give them [the people] the freedom to convert to other religions and this is counted as the most golden opportunity for the church or for the outwardly looking religious anti-Islamic parties!!, such as Baha’ism and Qadianis.

A brief look at the black history of Pahlavi era in Iran and the freedom that was given to the Catholic Church and the Protestant Churches and to parties such as Baha’ism, and an inspection of the current situation in countries such as Egypt, Indonesia, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Turkey, and some Emirate States of the Persian gulf, who host white skinned, blond and green eyed Christian missionaries in groups, could open up an angle on the truth of the matter.