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[Newspaper:] Resalat

[Date:] Wednesday 10 Dey1365 – 28 Rabi’ath-Thani 1407 [31 December 1986]

[Issue No:] 284

[Page:] 3


(Part two)

Israel in Asia

Religions such as Baha’ism, Qadianism and Samaeiyih, which began in Asian countries, were created in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries by the worthless minds of colonialists, especially England.  Their political structures and articulate administration are even more organized and united than those of many political parties and groups, and are similar to the administration of the espionage and intelligence organizations.  They consider Israel as their number one mainstay and support, and by the same token, see it their duty to offer services and return the favour to Tel Aviv.

Currently, Baha’is in Pakistan, India, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines and Australia; Qadianists in countries such as Pakistan, India and Bangladesh; and Samaeis (followers of Ahmad Samaei, a branch of Baha’ism) in Indonesia, Malaysia and Australia, have considerable influence and are widely spread.  All the above three groups, without exception, have friendly and very close relationships with Israel and receive financial and planning support and excellent strategic directives from Tel Aviv.

The followers of these religions exert their influence by having important and high-income occupations and by obtaining higher education and specializing in important matters, at times they fill key positions in the government and official organizations of Asian countries. The leaders of the mentioned religions travel regularly to Israel and are in constant and direct contact with Zionist embassies and agencies in Asian countries. The immigration of Iranian Bahá’ís to Asian countries, after the triumph of the Islamic Revolution, has increased the operational potential of these seemingly religious groups for Israel.  Overall, we could say that these religions are, in fact, “political parties”.

....The main and most important infiltration methods of the Israeli occupying regime in Asia are as follows:

4- Utilizing the existence of colonial religions—in reality, political parties—such as Baha’ism, Qadianism and Samaeiyih, in Asian countries.