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26 Jamada l-Ula 1343 [23 December 1924]


The Esteemed Minister of Education and Religious Affairs

Not long ago, the gentlemen pupils of a seminary complained about the establishment of a school in the Village of Kafshgarkola of Aliabad in Mazandaran. The education authority of Sari reportedly sent an inspector to the said village, who, after inspection and investigation, reported to the Ministry. To date, nothing has [resulted from] the education authority’s actions.

Considering the esteemed Ministry’s interest in religion, and that the said school did not have the permission of the esteemed office at the time of establishment, it is against the regulations of the Ministry of Education. It is therefore requested of that esteemed authority to take immediate action, instructing the dissolution of the said school, serving the religion and gaining the gratitude of the complainant.

Mohammad [illegible]


[Stamp:] [Illegible]