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Ministry of the Interior

The Governorate of the Tenth Province

Number: 2/56

Date: 22 Aban 1329 [13 November 1950]

The Governorate of Shahrekord

Confidential and Straight


His Honour, the Governor General of the Tenth Province,

A number of the local inhabitants have written a letter of complaint to this Governorate, regarding the expulsion of the Baha’i residents of Shahrekord. A copy of the letter is attached for your information. The Governorate, in order to prevent any incident during the holy days of Muharram, summoned a number of the Baha’is, giving them the necessary advice. Based on those actions, and since Mr. Eshraghi, the head of the bank, was on leave, incidents which took place in other places did not occur in Shahrekord. Although Mr. Eshraghi, in the management of the administrative affairs, is an orderly and reputable person, because such [information] is true about him [that he is a Baha’i], it [would be] appreciated if you would report the matter in writing to the Central Bank Melli, and prevent him from returning [to Shahrekord] once he is gone on leave, and instead appoint another person to his position.


The Governor of Shahrekord & Bakhtiari, Kherad Pisheh - Signature


[Handwritten note:] The Copy is identical to the original


30 Aban 1329 [ 21 November 1950 ]