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[Date:] 14 Esfand 1362 [4 March 1984]


In the Name of God

His Honour, Hojjatol-Eslam val Moslemin, Seyyed Yahya Jafari,

The Respected Imam-Jom’eh of Kerman

Respectfully I would [like to] submit that my father, Nosratollah Ziaie, who had been arrested in the City of Baft on the tenth of Dey of the current year [31 December 1983] by the agents of the local Sepah-e Pasdaran [Revolutionary Guards], accused of membership in the Baha’i community, passed away at the hospital of Baft on the 13th of Esfand, 1362 [3 March 1984] as a result of a brain haemorrhage, due to a chronic sickness.

Since he had been arrested and was in custody at the time of death, his body was transferred to the cold room of the Sepah-e Pasdaran of Baft. The Baft cemetery has denied him burial. Presently there is no other way to bury his remains. Please devise orders that, through the local authorities, a piece of land be allocated for his burial. It is hoped that you will pay urgent and favourable attention to this petition.

The arrest and imprisonment of my father, combined with his acute illness, in addition to his death, have in themselves been severe and irreparable shocks to us. Refusal to accept his [corpse] for burial cannot be an acceptable act, by any religious or belief system.


Mehdi Ziaie [Signature]

Sepah-e Pasdaran [Revolutionary Guards] of Baft