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Ministry of the Interior

Date: 28/2/1326 [19 May 1947]

Number: 727

Enclosure: ------




Mr Fereidouni, Acting Minister of the Interior


In response to the directive of M/1377-1158 – 16/1/326 [6 April 1947], I respectfully inform you: In early Farvardin of this year [March/April 1947], we received information that a group of people had formed an association called “Islamic Youth” and that they disseminate Islamic propaganda.  According to my official governmental duty, I sought to discover the true objective of this group.

In the meantime a letter was received from this association, which complained about engineer Alaie, the Chairman of Sugar Factory of Shazand and Moavenzadeh, Vice Chairman of Department of Post and Telegraph, stating that he was carrying out activities of the Baha’i Faith that aim at its propagation..

In consultation with Captain Abghari, Acting Chief of the Police Force, it was decided that in essence these types of altercations are not desirable and it is best that this group [i.e., the Islamic Youth] be dissolved.  The association was disbanded and its members tendered their resignations in writing.

During this period, complaints were received from Shazand that, in the name of protecting the sacred religion of Islam, individuals are intimidating the resident Baha’is of that town and preventing them from using the public bath.

I immediately ordered the Gendarmerie [Police Force] and the Head of District to go to Shazand to discreetly prevent these actions, which are contrary to [the law?] and to stop any behaviour that is beyond the norm.  The Gendarmerie and the Head of District acted swiftly and those who were menacing others were dissuaded by threats and persuasion.

Meanwhile, it was heard that some [Muslim] people from Shazand and Arak have travelled to Qom and have lodged complaints with Ayatollah Haj Agha Hosein Boroujerdi and other Hojjatol-Islams resident in Qom. Also, a petition renewing their complaints has been sent to Honourable Ashraf[1], Prime Minister, who has re-directed this matter to me.

Principally, a noteworthy point in this city is that there are certain opportunistic individuals looking for excuses to create commotion. That is why, because Engineer Shahab Alaie, a worthy employee of the government who is a Baha’i, presents the best opportunity for the agitators [to cause unrest]. In my opinion, arrangement would be made for this individual to be transferred to another post, all hue and cry will be put to rest. The Chief of Police, Mr Abghari is also of the same opinion. Although the matter is not very critical at the moment, it may become more worrisome in the future.


Governor of Arak





[1] [Ashraf means “The Most Noble”, it is the title of Prime Minister Ahmad Ghavam; it was given to him by Iranian shah, Mohammad-Reza Pahlavi]