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In the Name of God


Islamic Republic of Iran

Municipal Council of Nowshahr

Number: 27680

Date: 16 Bahman 1361 [05 February 1983]

Enclosure: Yes

From: The Municipality of Nowshahr

To: The Municipality of Tonekabon


Subject: Cooperation


With respect, Mrs. Iran Etaat, who was a Baha’i, has died, and since there is no cemetery in the Nowshahr region, as requested by her survivors and confirmed in the attached certificate by Haj-Agha Motahhari, a judge of the Revolutionary Court, you are asked to inform the cemetery of the afore-mentioned sect [i.e., the Baha’i cemetery] in Tonekabon to arrange for the burial of said person.

Ali Nasiri

[Signature over official stamp]

16 Bahman 1361 [05 February 1983]