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In His Exalted Name


Islamic Republic of Iran

Judiciary of Mazandaran Province

Enclosure -----

Article 90 Commission of the Islamic Consultative Assembly


With reference to [communication] number 14312,[dated] 23/11/1363 [12 February 1985], this is to inform you that, according to Articles 5, 6, and 7 of the Law of Punishment and Retaliation, no punishment is stipulated for the murder of an infidel by a Muslim. Therefore, until the amendment of the law, the problem for the Baha’is will continue.  For this reason, the grievance will be forwarded to the Assembly so that the issue can be consulted upon and amendments made to the law, so that all non-Muslim citizens can be included, and that order in society can be maintained.  

Public Prosecutor's Office of Sari, Yaghoubi


4/12/1363 [23 February 1985]

[stamp:] Indexed

[official stamp with number and date]

Number 11108/90

11/12/1363 [2 March 1985]

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