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In the Name of the Unique, Judging God

12 Bahman 1368 [1 February 1990]


The Respected Public Prosecutor of the Islamic Republic of Tehran (Evin)

Cordially, I would like to inform you that, as a follow-up to the letter dated 15 Azar 1368 [6 December1989] with regard to the return of objects that were taken from my house, [your] lifting the sanctions against my financial transactions and unfreezing my bank account—though I would convey my appreciation—I have not yet received (with the exception of a camera and a few torn pages of a document), all my other objects, such as: 1- a tape recorder (Philips) plus a transformer; 2 - an air extractor; 3- a turquoise ring with two [stones], belonging to my mother; 4 - an inlaid box and a picture frame [khatamkari]; and 5 - Persian/English and Arabic dictionaries.­

I would like to request that you look into this matter again. Firstly, [please] provide instructions for lifting the sanction on my frozen bank account (which only has 2,000 rials/200 tomans); secondly, return the items that were taken. I cannot even remember them all and maybe [they are] recorded in my file. Also, [please] lift the sanction from my financial transactions, that I may not disturb you again. I appreciate your attention and trust that your actions will attract God’s reward and blessing.